Wednesday, 20 June 2012

∆AIMON - Flatliner

Aimon are probably one of my favourite groups at the moment and a couple of weeks a go I got myself a copy of the Flatliner EP on Ltd edition red vinyl with hand printed dust cover and a hand printed t-shirt.

If you are not familiar with them; their style is dark, heavy and brooding. It is the audio equivalent of molasses, with Brandt Showers's rasping almost whispered vocals offset by the sweet crystalline structures of Nancy Lutz. The music is itself is very cinematic almost ambient drawing heavily from Goth industrial and hip-hop influences, laden with distorted bass and mournful piano melodies.
Be sure to check them out on:

If you've ordered a deluxe copy there seems to be an issue with the ink used to print the tshirts. Just contact the band with your order detail and they will help gladly you out.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Nice boots...

Right so I'm an old goth and as a such I have an elevated interest in shoes although my days of wearing New Rocks are over a long time ago and my tastes have matured somewhat(or at least I hope so). Rick Owens recently released these Cargo Sneakers and should I come into a hefty some of hard cold cash at some point I shall get my self a pair.

Record Covers

So I haven't posted in some time but I hope to change that I've been really busy with a new job and some freelance projects including designing record covers for Light Asylum and Robot Elephant. I've seen quite a few gigs and will be adding photos of these as and when they've been edited but for now here's the album cover work that I did which I had a lot of fun with.