Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Earth | Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS

This is absolutely amazing, especially if you are like me a little bit of space exploration nut or fan of Carl Sagan, both as a philosopher and cosmologist as it really reiterates his notion of the "pale blue dot". It makes you realise just how beautiful our world is, and how lucky we are to be living on it.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The night of the giant light sabre

Tonight as part of the marketing efforts to plug the new Star Wars: The Complete Saga which is the blue ray edition of the series, they decided to turn the BT Tower just around the corner from my offices into a giant light sabre. I think they had a few issues as it was supposed to be lit at 8pm by Anthony Daniels who played C-3PO but eventually only got turned on at 8:45.


The Great Day of His Wrath, c. 1853.

The Tate Britain will be immanently launching an exhibition of a selection works of J O H N  - M A R T I N who created pieces of awe inspiring chaos that can be best described as cinematic. Martin is often classified as a Romantic painter, but to me his works are similar to those adorning fantasy, science fiction book jackets and Heavy Metal  Album Covers by the likes of artists like M I C H A E L - W H E L A N. I feel this exhibition is particularly relevant with the sentiments currently abound with the economic depression hanging over our heads as well as the whole 2012 thing (which to be honest is probably on a par with the meltdown that was expected with the year 2000)...well at least I hope so.

I'm hoping that all 80 works that have been on show at the Laing gallery in Newcastle are going on display it will be great to see these works in the flesh as it were to truly appreciate their opressive proportions. Works are on display at the Tate Britain from 21 September 2011 – 15 January 2012

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Ben Frost and Daníel Bjarnason score SÓLARIS

Due for release on November 7 is the long anticipated score for a novel by Polish author Stanislaw Lem; SÓLARIS which is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The Combined efforts of Icelandic based Aussie Ben Frost and Icelandic composer Daníel Bjarnason with the Sinfonietta Cracovia, the pice has been composed for 29 string players, two percussionists, piano, guitars, electronics and no doubt a host of more impromptu instrumentalisation. There are also video manipulations by the legendary Brian Eno who has been mentoring Frost under a scheme by Rolex.

Frost has been quoted saying:

“I always felt that Russian composer Eduard Artemyev's score compounded the external, science fiction elements of the story rather than exploring the internal, the human.”

I've been able to unearth the following track listing but Im not sure if this will be the same for the release:

  1. We Don't Need Other Worlds, We Need Mirrors
  2. Simulacra I
  3. Simulacra II
  4. Snow
  5. Reyja
  6. Cruel Miracles
  7. Hydrogen Sulfide
  8. Unbreakable Silence
  9. You Mean More To Me Than Any Scientific Truth
  10. Saccades
  11. Venia
And this is one of the videos By Eno:

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Of The Wand And The Moon

For those of you who are Fans of Death in June you will have noticed they are being supported on their European tour by the brilliantly haunting O F - T H E - W A N D - A N D - T H E - M O O N
I've been a fan for a while their release Sonnenheim (Heim003) when the song My Black Faith caught my attention with it's pagan themes brooding vocals and twelve string acoustic, bolstered by a martial refrain. The First album however is probably my favourite with Raven Chant and I Crave For You the whispered lyrics and mournful string arrangement punches you in the chest with its desperation. OWAM have a new album out later this month with a sneak peak released on you tube; colour me impressed!

Monday, 12 September 2011

This Weekend Coming

Got another busy weekend ahead of us since it's the start of Spring Summer  L O N D O N - F A S H I O N - W E E K as well as the annual L O N D O N - D E S I G N - F E S T I V A L .
I plan to be heading along to the quite brilliant and eclectic electronic night B R A I N • W A V Σ S // B O L $ H I E • A F T E R P A R T Y on Friday and to the V&A Illustration Awards 2011 at The V&A probably on Saturday. There's also a screening of Robert Wiene's silent master piece
T H E - C A B I N E T - O F - D R - C A L G A R I   accompanied by a performance from I N - T H E - N U R S E R Y  who recently composed the sound track for Game of Thrones.

Macabre Museum

A few weeks ago I visited the H U N T E R I AN - M U S E U M strictly speaking it's really a collection for educating people about surgery and the natural world, but if you are like me and and have an interest in the macabre it's an equally satisfying day out. My day was made extra enjoyable by the ridiculously gorgeous company I had :) and she loved it.

Saturday, 10 September 2011


The Rat Bike Al Jourgensen would ride, an article about bleach, burgers and art in the middle of:

Its actually a sculpture not a working bike but it looks pretty cool.

Friday, 9 September 2011

As it harms none....

Sorely tempted to get a set of these from Beegirlmetal

Haunted (Lost Souls mix) Download

I wrote this track a few months ago perhaps I should have called it "a symptom of being a sentimental bastard" but haunted sounded better.
Click on the picture to download the mp3

C R I M 3 S - G E R M S

Be sure to check out the new track by C R I M 3 S on sound cloud. Issak and Sadie are really coming into their own with massive synths and angst ridden tortured vocals swirling together in an electric whirlpool in which it's easy to get lost.

Catch them tonight in Brixton with Alix Pirez, Tomb Crew and Jakes...not sure of the venue

Thursday, 8 September 2011

This Weekend

As usual the 2nd weekend of the month is super busy on Friday I will be Djing at my usual residency: D E P A R T U R E 
Where I will be playing my usual mix of witch house, Cold wave, industrial, electro and maybe even a bit of dubstep if I find a suitable progression. I'll start my set at around 9 and will be playing alongside; Khol(Sinistry), Jungs and Techink(Berlin/New York/London) Steve Weeks(Slimelight/RBN) and the infamous Steve Nine .

Saturday sees the return of E N D U R A N C E who will not only be playing the usual mix of vintage EBM, New-Beat and early Industrial beats but are putting on a screening of the post-apocalyptic classic Hardware (watch out for the guest appearance of Carl McCoy)

Not forgetting D E S T R O Y C U L T U R E which I would love to attend but alas have other commitments.

In the Beginning

Right so I'm cra5hed I'm a graphic designer by trade, and avid music/fashion fan, I'm starting this blog basically so that I can inflict my personal tastes and opinons on people which is one of the reasons I also DJ and produce music. I also like to hang out with my friends, yes I have quite a few actually and they are  similarly black clad individuals often confused for goths(although I'm not even sure what that is anymore). SO love it or hate it here comes my stream ov consciousness.