Thursday, 8 September 2011

This Weekend

As usual the 2nd weekend of the month is super busy on Friday I will be Djing at my usual residency: D E P A R T U R E 
Where I will be playing my usual mix of witch house, Cold wave, industrial, electro and maybe even a bit of dubstep if I find a suitable progression. I'll start my set at around 9 and will be playing alongside; Khol(Sinistry), Jungs and Techink(Berlin/New York/London) Steve Weeks(Slimelight/RBN) and the infamous Steve Nine .

Saturday sees the return of E N D U R A N C E who will not only be playing the usual mix of vintage EBM, New-Beat and early Industrial beats but are putting on a screening of the post-apocalyptic classic Hardware (watch out for the guest appearance of Carl McCoy)

Not forgetting D E S T R O Y C U L T U R E which I would love to attend but alas have other commitments.

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